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Hello world!

Published May 31, 2012 by Dan

Hello world!

I honestly have no idea why I thought blogging isĀ  the only way for my attention craving, but here I am which means there’s actually a chance that this will work.

I’m a nice boy (don’t be shy if you wants to talk to me or friend me) & I talk a lot ’bout myself (yes, that’s why its Daniel Times).

You’ll find a mini guide for your time around here & more ’bout me in the About page, right now I’ll be really happy to get in touch with anyone reading my blog you’ll find that also how in the About page.

Friendship, makes life easier beautiful & meaningful. Friendship makes you feel that you are actually doing something even if all you do is being silly. Friendship is the runaway from a lot of pain we hide from everyone around. And friendship is a life changing test.


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