King 2 Hearts, review.

Published June 1, 2012 by Dan

Jo Jung SukThe new Korean Drama that finished airing May 24, 2012 by MBC Television is such a sweet captivating work that sure needs admiration.

With a Comedy start mixing it with Romance and Action the drama did draw attention from episode 1 to the very ending of it.

Showing the style of for the lazy Korean prince from military to North Korea and then him being the King after his brother, Lee Seung-ki can prove at any given time that his Korea’s top choice when it comes to acting.

Ha Ji Won from the popular drama Secret Garden as Captain Kim Hang Ah really added a special taste to the drama, so a tomboy or lady she CAN DO IT.

I admire how the writer Hong Jin-Ah put the story, specially how it came so realistic like (my first time seeing a real like evil character).

Directing too needs to be mentioned since I’ll be putting this drama as one of my top 10 all favorite dramas, great work from Lee Jae-Kyu & Jung Dae-Yoon.

The co-actors & co-actresses were really up to the challenge such a great team work & good lesson.

I said it clear the drama is good & sure deserve going up to the top 10, but I can’t say the same about the ending. I was expecting better, too ordinary & simple to be noticed.

Also I’d really be very unfair if I missed mentioning the Theater Actor Jo Jung Suk playing the military man Eun Shi Kyung, (honestly I cried when he died on screen) he stole the camera & ruled the fans hearts.

Finally, I’d recommend this drama to join you top 10 to watch  dramas list.

This drama will get you glued to your screen.

Watch it, you’ll thank me. LUV U XOXO


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