Fans, Fans, FANS!!!

Published June 2, 2012 by Dan

They are scary, they are crazy, they have one goal in life & that goal is you.

Fans the very sweet poison, comes in every shape look & place given.

Fans can even be delivered to your dreams & if you like that, later you can do a special order for nightmares too.

Fans will be there, waiting & ready for everything you have good or bad they won’t care they are just ready & you won’t be free until fans are done & find you boring (stage 2 happens here which is the anti).

Fans are also like vampires & zombies, they are stuck to you until you are mmmm I can’t say it in a nice word so yes until you are dead.

Fans in some certain places (I won’t exactly mention Korean fans) believe that they actually own you, even they something simple & nice like dating is banned.

Fans can be very dangerous when they love you way too much, sure you can’t share your heart with all of them that’s why you need a very strong reason to keep yourself out of that beating going inside. Better, get a girlfriend or get married.

One last thing, don’t join JYJ.

This post is just for fun, means no offense to any party or person.


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