Hello everyone, this Daniel & knowing that someone is reading this now is just FABULOUS.

In short & without details I like: Fashion, romantic movies, music & dancing.

I’ve no special talents ( I don’t think being a good listener or my weird moves counts) but being me is enough already (*^.^*).

I’ve a dream of traveling the world, but I can’t afford that now so it’s kinda the far future plan of mine.

I like Korean Dramas, & sure K-Pop but I’m not that much of a K-Pop Head.

Friend as I said in a post before means too much too me & I’m not afraid to say I’m a very lonely person but still I work hard so you can consider me your new BFF, YAAAAY.

I don’t have much to say ’bout myself but when I do I’ll sure tell you.

A feedback page will me you way to me nowadays, but later I’ll find an easier way.


  • Dan Dan: Dan likes gossips, Dan likes talking a lot too.
  • Dan K Addiction: Who nowadays won’t fall for the South Korean charm?
  • Dan Replies: Don’t be shy Dan is the expert, Dan have answers.
  • Dan Say: This is the category collecting small written posts randomly posted by Dan.
  • Dan See: Dan see for just photos & videos.
  • Dan Write: Daniel’s new experiment, writing. Enjoy it.

I know you’ll LUV me, LUV U TOO XOXO


Feel free to leave a word or two.

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